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This method is pretty

Here is what you need to proceed

1- Go on US and rgister under the the log name.

2- Once the account is open
under the log name and address
go to “account info” then upgrade the missing information and submit.
under the phon number colum you will see 4 lines. Fill the first two (being home phone and cell phone)
For cell phone put ur burner number or text now number For home put the log holder actual phone number.

3- Once that’s done
Choice your phone and put it in the basket then go to checkout
In checkout click on “Pay” with finance and fill the information that will be given to you ( make sure under

number you put the holder address)

4- if everything is done corectly you should be given around 4k in finacing.

5- If you are accepted. cancel whats in your basket and replace it with something cheaper like headphones or wireless charger.
checkout and send it to the holder address. Normally it should ship

6-Once thats done. Make your own own order (big Amount but under 4k).but instead of shipping to holders, ship it to your drop

or do store pick up.
7- In payment choose pay in full and put the holder amex cc infos that you have and click orders. if the cards(amex) if live it will go through without verification
8- log in the amex to see if theres a pending order that matches your order. if you see one, BOiiiii your in the good.
The phone will shipping within 2 days and will reach you within another 2 days if you do home delivery
if you do pick up… Mae sure

you have a runner with ID ready to pick up.
your order will b ready to pick up within hours.
Good luck

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