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When this SBA Loans started (months ago), once you apply for it, you are automatically paid $10k advance fee just for applying, if your application is good then They pay the rest of the money… • However from now going, they have stopped paying the $10k advance payment, so the verification is a bit difficult these days so you need to make sure Ssn you are using is good or high credit score, or else they will just disqualify you and won’t pay u anything With this new upgrade on the SBA site, if your credit score is low, just forget applying for it, you will waste your time

1• Make sure you have
Name, SSN, DOB, Address information.
Some of the stores you can get this are

2• Make sure you have background information account to help you bypass any verification questions;

• Truthfinder (not free)
• (it a free site)

Obviously the free site might be good but won’t be better than the paid site.

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