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Virtual Carding University Day 2-Lesson 2

Blueprint 1 :

Talking about FULLZ, there are two kinds:

  1. Fullz CVV

: 1. A good example of fullzcvv:

  1. Fullz ID

: —————–CVV_Fullz_Details—————–

Name: Sandra Bills

DOB: 29/4/1959

Email: [email protected]

Password: bismillah

Address: 245 Main Street, Apt 114, 90291,Los Angeles, CA, United States

Card: 4388986062246587

CCV2: 716

Expiry: 09 / 15

Card Issuer: CHASE BANK USA, N.A. (US)

Security Question: Mothers Maiden Name

Security Answer: Rattansi

Account No: 1311065874

Account Sortcode: 12202300

Mobile Number: 310-922-6857

SSN: 26525878

———————–Meta Info———————-

Client IP: (United States)

Browser & OS: Mozilla Firefox (mac)

Those are sniffed mainly through spam phisihing campaigns

  1. and a good example of fullz id:

| Noel | [email protected] | 1640 SW 71st Avenue | Pembroke Pines | FL | 33054 | 954 663-7411 | 305 585-2933 | 954 663-7411 | 06/06/1963 | FL | 06/06 | AN | 06061963 | first elementary school |Fanny Village Government School |DL: N400201638747 | SSN :002-60-8587 |

: Fullz CVV are usually for account take over, cause you have the full credit card account data and private info of the person.

And Fullz ID, are mainly used to start opening cashout accounts anywhere (PayPals, bank Drops, etc)

An exact use of a fullzid, is opening a brand new paypal, for future cashout, cause when this paypal gets limited, you can just create forged scan docs based on real fullz id, and get the account unlimited again. This will get the account stronger.

it Is important to bear in mind, that if your method requires for example, MMN or Driver Licence (DL), you better get it from the fullz from the very beginning

Ask the vendor to come with it

Some methods requires it others dont

: Ok, now, lets talk about how to make your own FuLLZ ID from Fullz CVV

But is not good deal that you have to research that info if you could just simply have it from the beginning

For fullz CVV, you can always convert these into fullz ID using the steps mentioned above

This process is all about in-depth, creative and detailed research

  1. Get your fullz CVV preferably with phone number and address info asides from the usual CC info

2.The following sites are helpful to get the basic details:


3.Here are the following details which you need to get:

This process is all about in-depth, creative and detailed research

Here are the following details which you need to get:

Person Overview

Date of Birth Summary

SSN Summary

Name Variations


Email Addresses

Drivers Licenses

Phone Numbers

Possible Asset Information

Real Property Tax Records

Real Property Transactions

Vehicle Registrations

Possible Adverse Information

Risk Flags Analysis

Possible Relatives & Household Members

Possible Neighbors

  1. Be creative and also view their social media pages, friends, etcThis is an extra step yet its well worth it

5.If you need premier accounts, remember to buy or card premier subscriptions just to get that extra piece of info

Make this boring process as worthwhile as you can

: Always remember that there are a lot of things to see and know when researching for fullz info

: In fact, if you are a hacker at heart, then getting email and others plus passwords is like complete payday.

Blueprint 2 :

Ok, and now we move to our next topic: SOCKS5!

Do you know what are the socks5 in its pure essence?

Basically, the socks are infected pcs from homes and companies around the world. These infected machines are infected with a reverse proxy virus that works as a bridge for other internet connections

So the guys selling proxies, are merely hackers that offers services to other hackers and we fraudsters

We use those IPs coming from infected machines around the world, to spoof their cities locations, etc, cause merchants will look if we are near to the original geolocation where the card holder lives

Bear this on mind: SOCKS5 should be our second level protection… the first should be the VPN. So always work the socks over the vpn

A VPN ipaddress, is shared among hundreds of users, so is typically already blacklisted. However, being a shared IP, means more protection, we mix our browsing with dozens of other guys out there.

VPN is mainly good cause it encrypts our communications and visits to sites, so the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can’t know what we’re doing

Ok, now remember this? “Stop using vip72. That’s killing your carding!”

: Well, maybe I was too exaggerated about the ‘stop’ word… but what I wanted to stress here, is that vip72 is suffering from its over popularity…

: Is not only about if our ip is blacklisted on those anti-spam sites…

Internally means, we will never know if it is blacklisted…

they don’t share such information with the public as the anti spam listing sites do….

vip72 can’t see if the ip is blacklisted internally in PayPal, etc. only if it is blacklisted on those public anti spam sites (cause most of the infected pcs are used for spamming)

So, if we use one of those socks, is like using a used condom…

There are another socks services more exclusive to use. One of them is called, please login with the demo

So this is a good alternative to use in those cases when you

Main features of this is that you will know how many times the ip have been used before, and also you can lease or rent the ip to be used solely for you

really need super fresh SOCKS

: You need to add the admin to icq, and tell him you want to pay in btc.

OK, so let’s say vip72 doesn’t infect more machines frequently, again, we will end using used condoms… due to its over popularity and service saturation, the IP’s of the main cities are going to be used many times for all kind of frauds…

Remember, there are two kinds of IP blacklisting:

1.Anti Spam listings. They add the ips to the blacklist, if they find that the ip is being used to send spam from.

Usually this happens from infected computers. Sites like use these listings as a first test to see if the ip is good or not to be used.

2.Websites Internal BlackListing. If a company like PayPal receives a fraudulent chargeback caused by an ip, they could add this ip to their own blacklisting. we would never know this. Those blacklists are private of course and used in their anti fraud systems.

And vip72 doesn’t have a real feature where we can know if the ip is really fresh (new infected machine)… it only has that ‘green’ arrow color that I really don’t think it says something useful.

The only downside of is that the ip’s must be assigned manually. It is not assigned by a third party program like vip72.

But of course there is a solution, for you can use this for an easy way to assign the proxy ip:

: Proxifier –

And the sock will only work on from the IP you allow in bcprx settings, this way their users cannot resell SOCKS.

The use of bcprx is basically this:

you buy the socks that is given in this format, example; and load it through the Best Proxy Switcher addon. bcprx doesn’t have an app that does it in one click such as vip72. But once you get the hang of it, changing SOCKS will be as easy an changing clothes.

However man, you can still use vip72 because is relatively cheap, and can be used for some works… but for example, when opening stripe accounts, or aging better to use other socks.

But for one shot carding works, is still ok.

: Some more SOCKS sites alternatives:

IMPORTANT: Do not share this new socks service or will end up being saturated just like Vip72!

Ok now that its all done.

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