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(line) PLAN.

Ongoing carriers (line). Lines that move right now!!!

1. Verizon

2. AT&T

3. Sprint

Tools you need from client(each line may varies)

1. Client Online Username and password

2. Email address (and password if possible)

3. Phone number

4. Address and zip code

5. SSN (Social Security Number)

6. Credit card or debit card(even with money inside)

7. Security Questions and Answers (For Verizon)

Have your VPN on and confirm its using USA ip.

You can check your ip here

Either on your Good smart phone or an iPhone or System

First you open the carrier website

AT& or or just google it

Now click the search bar at the top and search a phone of your choiceAfter login successfully

And it will take you to protection plan

Ask you to choose protection plan for your device

Scroll down and choose the $0.00 Plan

Means you did not choose

Click continue

It will show recommended accessories for your device

Scroll down and click continue without choosing anyone

Then click “add to your cart and shop more “

Repeat again till you’re okay with the amount of items you want to Order

Click “add to cart and cash out” for the final one

Now it will take you to

1. contact information (as far as you are logged in, it will be set already”)

3. Shipping address, if you don’t want same client to receive the goods, you click out the box

there and input you picker address (note; some address usually have sales tax and some dont have), If your client address get sales tax, you will be charged like 40$ in each items? But if no charge you total will be showing $0.00

4. Billing address, same owner of this account address

5. Review your order , total price must remain $0.00, if not’ go through all and see where you must have added something you are being billed for (Due today)

6. Note: Due Today must be $0.00, Due monthly can be $1000000 that one is not important

Note: Always Inspect befor clicking next

Place your Oeder

Verification will send to clients email, if you have the password, logon ASAP and get the code Or Else Client need to be online to give you code

After you confirm your code,

You will then have your Order number

Which you will use to review your order

Tracking number will be send to clients EmailSo you will use tracking number to track goods from Delivery companys website, depends on

carrier (line)

AT&T uses FedExpress for delivery

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