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Google Play Card Method

  1. What is required to card google play:
    CC with CVV
    Android Application Developer
    Debit card you will register for your drop
    Time and patience is very important
  2. Process:
    We will create an application in GOOGLE .
    Find an application developer, he will create you a game or something like that.
    You can make a simple game with Donate.
    Find a card in any bank.
    Buy a developer account of $ 25 approximate price.
    Download the application there and wait for the publication.
    Make a purchase with any account in your application and in Google.
    Please believe (3-7 days a week).
    Next, start using the android emulator to make purchases in your application.
    Withdraw money (the conclusion is about 1 month) so you need cards with charge for 1-2 months.
    In 80% of cases, people abandon the buyer in your application and block the account.
    Therefore, register and verify a new account every 14th day. There was no failure in profit.
  3. How to do it by example:
    Basically, applications for the sale of pictures work well.
    The application must be configured and published.
    After I get a Google account, the application will be tied to a $ 3-5 card, and you need 3-5 days.
    As a result, it was $ 370 wth one SS, all are divided by the minimum and intervals.
    That is, the buyer, a picture for $ 10, you owe, and so on, 10-15 accounts the most.
    After accumulating $ 2000-5000 (for each account in different ways) you need to spend 1 month, so you need cards with a charge.
    Money on the card, withdraw them or exchanged for BTC via online, threw out the card, told the drop, what to say, if there is a meeting with the police.
    In the settings of each account in the configuration, select a different device.
    There you can make copies of emulators.
    It is imperative to take breaks between buyers, so as not to sit without work, have made such accounts 10-15 and while you still have it.
    This is a big hemorrhoid, but when you realize that you are processing $ 10 per minute, it becomes easier.

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