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Cheap phone calls

Cheap phone calls
First of all, try to pay with anonymous vcc and try to give as little real information as possible when signing up.

VO-IP numbers, with decent prices. But unfortunately get blocked by some companies like HP. If you want to use skype I would go for the unlimited subscriptions if you are serious about SEing.
You can get 50% off by signing up for a subscription, then canceling it. They will offer next month free of charge.
This is good to stay anonymous because you can use any device to make calls. You can also buy a phone number, but wouldn’t recommend.

I personally never used this before, but got it recommended many times because of their low price/min, your own phone numbers for phone verification and solid privacy.

Very helpful, because you can call for free to USA/Canada, the only issue here is again, that some companies block the calls. Also you will need to buy a FireRTC account that can call to toll-numbers.
Anonymous wise FireRTC, is the best in the list.

Own Phone
You can use your own phone for local SE’s because most of the time it’s free and you already have a subscription, but this is totally at your own risk, don’t do 20 HP SE’s with your own cellphone.

Use whatever you like, every way has Pros/Cons, upto you to decide.

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