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Difference between Dumps and CVV

There are two big different parts in carding or fraud: online carding and physical carding.

Online carding is the carding which is done from computer including online shopping, affiliate marketing, online games with cashback and so on. If you decided to walk this direction you need CC (CVV, CVV2, CVN or Fullz details). When carders buy CVV or Fullz they will get:
Card number
Card number verification value (CVV itself)
Card expire date
Cardholder’s name
Cardholder’s address including building number,city,country,zip postcode
Cardholder’s phone number (optional)
Cardholder’s e-mail address (optional)
Cardholder’s SSN (fullz contain this detail)
Cardholder’s DL (fullz contain this detail)
Vbv password (only some fullz contain it)
So all this stuff is used to fill some forms during online payments. You can’t encode it to the real plastic.

So CC (CVV or Fullz) are for online carding only!

Physical carding is the carding in real stores, shops and malls. For this way you should buy dumps to encode it to the blank plastic with magnetic strip and obtain someone’s real card copy.

So dumps are for instore carding only!

The choice is yours which way to follow and what stuff to buy CC or dumps.

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